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Classical Massage

The classical massage also called swedish massage is one of the most popular massage and belows to the manual therapy.
This kind of medical massage is especially for prevention and treatment of tension of the muscles, the skin, an increased removal of waste products and the relaxation and vitalisation of the whole body.

Classic Massage uses five basic techniques: Effleurage (stroking), Petrissage (kneading), Friction (rubbing), Tapotement (pounding) and Vibration (shaking). Elements from Reflexology Treatment, Acupressure and Shiatsu are also often used.

With these techniques you release the pain and the tension in the muscles, detox the body, also improve the regeneration ability of the body and enhance the general wellbeing.

The mental benefit from relaxation during a massage should not be underestimated, and the body is gently prepared for the challenges of daily activities.

Benefits of a classical massage

increased local blood circulation
relaxation of the muscle tension
pain reductionscar tissue reduction
lowering blood pressure and pulse rate
influence of internal organs through reflex action
improved cell metabolism
stress hormone reduction
mental relaxation
beneficial influence on the autonomic nervous system – just to name a few

therapeutic indications are for example

neck tensions
headache caused by tension
back pain
sciatica complaints
joint complaints
rehabilitation after an operation and injury
psychosomatic illnesses
sleeping disorders
stress-related illnesses and many more


acute neurological deficits
acute vein inflammations
varicose veins
decompensated cardiac insufficiency
arterial disturbed blood circulation
heart attack
acute bacterial and viral infections of the skin
acute herniated discafter

Relative contraindication:
The massage is not possible in the affected area, for example in case of varicose veins in the legs, it is possible to do a massage at the back and the arms.
pregnancy – in the first 3 months
torn muscle fibres / torn ligaments in the first 2-3 days

The massage is adapted to your individual needs and could be strong and intense or gentle with less pressure.